In March 2011, nuclear contamination of unprecedented scale followed a devastating natural disaster. But farmers will not give up on the land they live on. This film is about their struggle to protect it for future generations.

A message from a Tenei village farmer

Though we make a living from farming, we're also consumers. We have the same fears and dilemmas as urban consumers. The tribulations caused by the nuclear reactor failure aren't restricted to Fukushima. It concerns everyone in Japan. What are the consequences of such a disaster? How will we deal with it to protect our future? We struggle to find answers to these questions through our effort to make radiation-free produce. We hope you'll give it some thought, too.


Tenei village is located in Fukushima prefecture's beautiful surrounds. It is 70 kilometers away from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. The village is made up of 6,000 people and the village farmers make the most of the natural environment to grow their produce. The village rice farmers organized the Tenei Rice Farming Research Group to find better ways to produce safer and more delicious rice. Their efforts resulted in winning the Most Delicious Rice competition 4 years in a row. But when the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant failed in March 2011, radioactive particles fell and contaminated their fields. The earthquake disabled the agricultural infrastructure and the contamination left their farmland hazardous. But the farmers couldn't just abandon their land as they live on the land and wanted to protect it for future generations. The farmers decided to pursue scientific methods to secure food safety. They were on their own without Government assistance. This film documents their determination and efforts in overcoming an environmental crisis that had never been experienced before.